red hills

over the july uni holidays i spent time completing some engineering work experience in the pilbara region of western australia. i was on site 60 odd km’s west of mt tom price @ brockman 4. this had me nestled in among the hammersley ranges. this is a truly remarkable part of the world. it’s easy to say that i fell in love with the beautiful colours, the rich red of the dirt, the creamy bark of the trees and the soft green of the spinifex. then out of no where there is water. the fortesque river is shown in the first phot, the second is of karajini national park. the third photo is taken on site at brockman 4.

Rio has pulled its application to build a jet-compatible airport at Tom Price, the gateway to spectacular Karijini National Park.

aside from describing the wondrous natural beauty of a much under appreciated  tourist destination there is another point to this post. whilst none of these photos convey it well, and i lost my camera with all the good photos on it, this area gives me a similar feel to that of the arizona deserts. whilst not identical by any stretch of imagination there are similarities in the landscape and colours. this leads me to think that a house suich as the one pictured  below would fit well in the pilbara.

the idea of a low lying house with courtyards built into the ground is one that appeals. the framing of the views that the house above does is also ideal for this landscape. this house from memory is the tubac house by rick joy. it also features in my top 10 houses.

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