i’ve been looking at the stats for this blog trying to get a feel for what’s working and what’s not. one thing that is noticeable is that the tubac house seems to generate more interset than anything else i’ve written thus far. now this may be down to one cool cat or ten cool cats but it has led to the executive decision being made. a tubac post.

firstly some drawings

what these two drawings show is how the two wings of the house are used to create the internal courtyard space  shown here:

the photo above shows how the home sits into the natural slope of the site. it also highlights the rustic colours that rick joy has utilised, these colours reflect the surrounding beauty of the arizona desert whilst the stunning white highlights the crisp internal shelters that the home provides from the elements. shown below:

the other brilliant thing that joy has achieved with the tupac house is the framing of the magnificent views.

thanks to

for photos.

*makaveli is the alternative stage name for tupac. tupac and tubac are pretty similar so you know. i just rolled with it.


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