the wonderful world of books

in order to avoid completing more work on my thesis project i decided to reorganise my all the books in my room. i really am trying to avoid completing any work so i also counted them. 193 if you interested. with more at the farm and even more at mum and dad’s city house. then i started daydreaming. i day dream quite a bit, especially when i’m avoiding completing work, and i got to thinking that when i get my very own place it is going to have an awesome library. maybe two. so here are some cool library options.

unique space saving modern home library

Modern Home Design with Library and Books Decoration

Simple Home Library Design

home library design ideas 500x695 Decorating Library  Library for your Home Inspiration!

now i’m feeling guilty about not doing anything on my project so i’m going to get back to it. if any of these catch your eye drop a line and i’ll do a more detailed post.



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