back online

admittedly i was never offline, rather i was snowed under with work for uni. quick update- i handed in my symposium paper. was told my margins were too small, this put me 3/4 of a page over the strict 4 page limit. fark! some editing and executive decision making and all was ok. then my exam on friday went well enough. i have another exam tomorrow night and then my symposium presentation on friday. then i party for a bit.

now onto the main news. i’m probably 2-3 weeks behind but news doesn’t reach aus. all that quickly sometimes. sooooo…. just quietly grand designs is back!!!! this is awesome, i thought my all time favourite tv show had ended, instead it’s back in all it’s glory for season eleven. i haven’t watched any of the new episodes yet but seriously looking forward to it. so folks- get excited!

ps- if you are unaware of the joys of grand designs stop missing out and start watching.

pps- from an engineering perspective the endless supply of problems caused from no geomechanical site inspection is quite hilarious. (this is possibly the only thing i have taken away from my engineering degree).

catch ya later didums


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