motown madness

detroit, aka motor city and motown, is the biggest darn ol’ place in all of michigan. with a population of a tad over 700k detroit is now the 18th biggest city in the us of a. once upon a time though the city was ranked numero 5 for size. the decline in the last decade measured negative 25 percent as the majority of the population moved to the burbs. don’t get me wrong detroit is still a big place- the population og the metro area is 4.29 million making it the 11th biggest in all the states. the other stand out fact is unemployment rating at 11.6percent.

so why does this remarkable city, the home of the modern automobile rate a mention in my blog that is seemingly about everything but also nothing. detroit is widely said to embody the decline of the american industrial economy, however rather than abandon ship detroit is fighting back and looking to re-invigorate the city. i’m gonna skip the a bunch of blurbing and get to the point now. well in a sec. if you want to read more about whats happening there is always wikipedia but check out

the crux of that article is that “The city has cleared sections of land while retaining a number of historically significant vacant buildings in order to spur redevelopment”

so now its hammer time. or maybe photo time- some sweet old digs in motown which would you choose?

you like? check out for more. all of these awesome photos are by Kevin Bauman

i’m heading state side at the end of the year and will be spending some time in detroit and hope to be able to check out a few of these beauties.


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