for the times they are a-changin’

come gather ’round people wherever you roamand admit that the watersaround you have grownand accept it that soonyou’ll be drenched to the boneif your time to youis worth savin’then you better start swimmin’or you’ll sink like a stonefor the times they are a-changin’. clearly bob dylan was also nostradamus folks, cos the times they are … Continue reading


hi reader. just a short post to let you now that i am not dead despite my lack of posting. the primary motivation of this blog was for me to avoid completing any constructive work on my thesis. this has lead to a problem of sorts. a major component of my thesis, the symposium paper, … Continue reading

marsh @ 3

with ricky ponting flying back to sydney to be with his wife for the birth of their second child shaun marsh has won his first baggy green. the second test against sri lanka starts tomorrow. australia currently leads the two test series1-0 after winning the first test by 150 odd runs on a pitch that … Continue reading

four days to go

saints @ packers. lambeau field home of the reigning champions green bay is the site of the season opener for the 2011-2012 nfl season. new orleans is still smarting after going out in the first round of the playoffs to the worst ever playoff team- seattle seahawks. apparently they were going to win the super … Continue reading