finished my thesis bro. 120 pages 26,600 words 1 engineer * *disclaimer- dependent on passing final coursework Advertisements

back online

admittedly i was never offline, rather i was snowed under with work for uni. quick update- i handed in my symposium paper. was told my margins were too small, this put me 3/4 of a page over the strict 4 page limit. fark! some editing and executive decision making and all was ok. then my … Continue reading


g’day. it’s been more than a few days since my last flurry of posting, but don’t worry i have an excuse. uni is hectic. really hectic. i had a paper due on monday (got it on, so no wukkas), got a final exam on friday, mid term on thursday week and symposium presentation on friday … Continue reading

some treats

because you deserve something to look at these chairs are titled outlined chairs. they are designed by michael samoriz of umbra design this is the graticule house by david jameson architects. this awesome house is in great falls, virginia usa this is the boacava house by MMPP arquitetos. it can be found in sao paulo, … Continue reading


hi reader. just a short post to let you now that i am not dead despite my lack of posting. the primary motivation of this blog was for me to avoid completing any constructive work on my thesis. this has lead to a problem of sorts. a major component of my thesis, the symposium paper, … Continue reading

paper forest

i love books. you may have also noted that i have a fondness or architecture. 1+1=2, just like books and architecture mean i love this. called “the scholars library” and found in olive bridge ny this is heavenly. to me this represents the ultimate in peace and quiet. two key ingredients in getting some good reading … Continue reading


Welcome to my journey of distraction and procrastination. I’m in my final term of uni and am meant to be writing my thesis on road pavement design. Boring hey, hence this magical wonderful journey of blogging. This journey should hopefully take you through the ups and downs of my next few months and then perhaps beyond. … Continue reading