the wonderful world of books

in order to avoid completing more work on my thesis project i decided to reorganise my all the books in my room. i really am trying to avoid completing any work so i also counted them. 193 if you interested. with more at the farm and even more at mum and dad’s city house. then … Continue reading

nananana na na features

some cool features from different houses areound the traps. first up, an awesome library enclave within the room. this is from the north kingsway residence in toronto by altius architecture. also from the north kingsway residence renovation is this fireplace the house has a wicked range of built in options. from the riva lofts in … Continue reading


i’ve been looking at the stats for this blog trying to get a feel for what’s working and what’s not. one thing that is noticeable is that the tubac house seems to generate more interset than anything else i’ve written thus far. now this may be down to one cool cat or ten cool cats … Continue reading

some treats

because you deserve something to look at these chairs are titled outlined chairs. they are designed by michael samoriz of umbra design this is the graticule house by david jameson architects. this awesome house is in great falls, virginia usa this is the boacava house by MMPP arquitetos. it can be found in sao paulo, … Continue reading


hi reader. just a short post to let you now that i am not dead despite my lack of posting. the primary motivation of this blog was for me to avoid completing any constructive work on my thesis. this has lead to a problem of sorts. a major component of my thesis, the symposium paper, … Continue reading

something i found

whilst researching for my latest post on the pilbara, arizona and architecture i stumbled onto this photo. this is the chapel of the holy cross, sedona arizona. designed by marguerite brunswig staude who was a student of frank llyod wright. i don’t have anything to say, rather i just wanted to share this with everyone. just … Continue reading

red hills

over the july uni holidays i spent time completing some engineering work experience in the pilbara region of western australia. i was on site 60 odd km’s west of mt tom price @ brockman 4. this had me nestled in among the hammersley ranges. this is a truly remarkable part of the world. it’s easy to say … Continue reading

marsh @ 3

with ricky ponting flying back to sydney to be with his wife for the birth of their second child shaun marsh has won his first baggy green. the second test against sri lanka starts tomorrow. australia currently leads the two test series1-0 after winning the first test by 150 odd runs on a pitch that … Continue reading

paper forest

i love books. you may have also noted that i have a fondness or architecture. 1+1=2, just like books and architecture mean i love this. called “the scholars library” and found in olive bridge ny this is heavenly. to me this represents the ultimate in peace and quiet. two key ingredients in getting some good reading … Continue reading

location location location! or not?

i was discussing some of my favourite houses with a friend recently. who pointed out that a lot of my choices were a product of good design in a great location. the house pictured above, ‘finnish lake house‘ would be a good example of this. at any other site this would be a pretty ugly … Continue reading