rectangularly minimal

this is a house that i found on the net quite a while a go. then i lost it. i’ve been searching and searching for it too show on here for a while now. alas- it popped into by inbox yesterday. so here it is… admittedly the building does appear to be a bit plain … Continue reading

this is outrageous!

outrageously AWESOME!!! bond, james bond cue- bruce mcaveney ‘delicuous’ this house sits above lake lucrene, switzerland and has views of the water and swiss alps. the raw concrete winding through the property and the vintage porsche car collection conjures imagery from a double life. the concrete clashes against the magnificently rendered rooms that frame views across the lake to … Continue reading

for the times they are a-changin’

come gather ’round people wherever you roamand admit that the watersaround you have grownand accept it that soonyou’ll be drenched to the boneif your time to youis worth savin’then you better start swimmin’or you’ll sink like a stonefor the times they are a-changin’. clearly bob dylan was also nostradamus folks, cos the times they are … Continue reading

all the way to the edge

okie dokie- i’ve recently had a request for a more indepth lok at the edge house featured in my earlier post here. firstly this house is oft called Mr. K’s Edge House. i tell you what- i’d sure like to be Mr. K. the home is located in the ‘celebrity’ kansai district of osaka in … Continue reading

more walls

ok so there may not be any walls in this building- similarly to one of my more recent posts, this is a townhouse that has a grandiose total of zero walls.  this house in belgium utilises voids and split levels to separate the different spaces within the home, and like the singaporean home lets the home be … Continue reading

motown madness

detroit, aka motor city and motown, is the biggest darn ol’ place in all of michigan. with a population of a tad over 700k detroit is now the 18th biggest city in the us of a. once upon a time though the city was ranked numero 5 for size. the decline in the last decade … Continue reading

i’m back

here is the long awaited first post in donkeys. lately i’ve been looking at various terrace homes and townhouses, this is the focus of this my mind the trick with either a terrace or town house is to create the feeling of space, and to create an outdoor aspect to what is often a … Continue reading

the wonderful world of books

in order to avoid completing more work on my thesis project i decided to reorganise my all the books in my room. i really am trying to avoid completing any work so i also counted them. 193 if you interested. with more at the farm and even more at mum and dad’s city house. then … Continue reading

nananana na na features

some cool features from different houses areound the traps. first up, an awesome library enclave within the room. this is from the north kingsway residence in toronto by altius architecture. also from the north kingsway residence renovation is this fireplace the house has a wicked range of built in options. from the riva lofts in … Continue reading


i’ve been looking at the stats for this blog trying to get a feel for what’s working and what’s not. one thing that is noticeable is that the tubac house seems to generate more interset than anything else i’ve written thus far. now this may be down to one cool cat or ten cool cats … Continue reading