all the way to the edge

okie dokie- i’ve recently had a request for a more indepth lok at the edge house featured in my earlier post here. firstly this house is oft called Mr. K’s Edge House. i tell you what- i’d sure like to be Mr. K. the home is located in the ‘celebrity’ kansai district of osaka in … Continue reading

nananana na na features

some cool features from different houses areound the traps. first up, an awesome library enclave within the room. this is from the north kingsway residence in toronto by altius architecture. also from the north kingsway residence renovation is this fireplace the house has a wicked range of built in options. from the riva lofts in … Continue reading

edge house

pretty sweet hey. as it stands this would be a 1 bed, 1 bath, 2 car house but some mods to the plans and you set yourself a nice hill side home. from i’m not normally a fan of so much exposed concrete but it’s whats required to make this place work. in particular … Continue reading